How To Activate On All Devices?

Follow the steps below to activate AKA MS Remote Connect on all devices.

  • Visit or on your browser.
  • Enter the 8-digit code from your App or Device screen.
  • Click Next.


Follow the steps to Connect to your Microsoft Account using

  • Launch Minecraft Game on your device.
  • Choose ‘Sign in using an account with Microsoft login‘.
  • You will see a unique 8-digit code on your screen.
  • Visit connect using any browser.
  • Enter the code.
  • Select Next.
  • Log into your Microsoft Live Account to link the two accounts.


Minecraft players visit this website (https aka ms remoteconnect) to smoothly play the game on Nintendo or PS4 using code. allows you to connect with other Minecraft players on other devices that you own.

A lot of players choose to switch to a different device because they aren’t enjoying many features. You could be affected by this issue if you switch your console, say to PS4 or Xbox XBOX.


You’ll need to sign into your Microsoft account to be able to access Minecraft on your computer. Navigate toward Minecraft’s main menu.

Minecraft games the main menu, and select ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account.

On your screen, you’ll see 8 digits code. You can then go to which will prompt you to enter the code.

You’ll be able to log in to the account of your Microsoft account after entering that code.


  1. After you have successfully logged into the Microsoft account, select play to open your Minecraft Game home screen.
  2. Switch towards the right to open the tab ‘Friends.
  3. Click on ‘Add Friend’.
  4. Find your acquaintances through their Microsoft gamer tags one at a time, one by one.


  • You must start by visiting the Minecraft game’s home screen.
  • Click Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • The screen will provide you with an 8-digit number.
  • To enter the code, go to the web page.
  • When you’ve entered your code in the box then click next.
  • Connect to the Microsoft accounts, you can start playing Minecraft with PlayStation4


  • Open Switch eShop on Nintendo Switch.
  • Search for Minecraft using the search bar.
  • Install the game (or purchase it if haven’t yet).
  • After the game has been downloaded, launch the game.
  • Click on sign in with the Microsoft account available at the bottom left of the screen at Nintendo Switch.
  • Enter the code then click Next.
  • Remote connect will then log in to your account that is available on Nintendo Switch.

Official link –

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Remoteconnect not working?

So simply restarting the device can resolve numerous glitches and cache issues in most devices, whether you’re playing Minecraft on a gaming console, phone, or PC. This should also resolve the problem with not working.

How do you enter codes on Aka Remoteconnect?

Click ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account’ on the Minecraft Game Home Screen. You’ll see a screen with an 8-digit number and instructions to go to This page will redirect you to remoteconnect.srf, which is the Microsoft Live ‘Enter Code’ login page.

What is remote connect Minecraft?

Users can access all offered functionalities by linking many devices to a single Microsoft account via the website. One of the most well-known use of this link is for multiplayer Minecraft on various consoles.

How do you connect the remote to the switch in Minecraft?

On your Nintendo Switch, start Minecraft.
“Multiplayer access” should be selected.
Your enter code and a link to approve your account will display in a prompt.
Take note of the code that displays on your Minecraft multiplayer access.

How do I fix https aka MS Remoteconnect not working in Minecraft?

Restart your computer.
Temporary file and cache issues can occur on any game console, smartphone, or PC used to play Minecraft, and can be remedied by just restarting the machine. This should also resolve the problem with not working.

Why won’t my Microsoft account connect to Minecraft?

1) Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot and run the Store applications troubleshooter. 2) In the Microsoft Store app, go to Hub (three dots at top right) > Updates and check for and install game updates. 3) Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Minecraft > Advanced Options > Repair or Reset to reset Minecraft.

How do I unlink my Minecraft account from PS4?

Go to the Minecraft settings menu to disconnect your Microsoft account. A button labelled “Linked Accounts” can be found in the settings menu. Then select “Unlink Account” from the drop-down menu.

Why can’t I connect my Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4?

There are a few options for resolving this problem. To begin, log in to or the Xbox app to verify that your Microsoft account has a Gamertag. Then I recommend reinstalling the game on your PlayStation 4. This should make the game prompt you to log in again.

How do you change your gamertag on Minecraft?

At, Microsoft account holders can change their username for free. Select Minecraft: Java Edition from the dropdown box in My Games. You’ll be led to a name change page if you click on Profile Name. Change your profile name to the new username you want to use.

Why can’t I join my friends Minecraft world?

If you receive the Minecraft unable to connect to world problem, restart your computer and the game. If the error notice persists, you may need to remove your buddy and then re-add him/her. Then see if you can connect to your pal’s virtual environment.

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