How To Activate On All Devices?

Follow the steps below to activate On All Devices.

If you are using installed the Media center plug-ins then it will allow you to sync with your account without having to input an account username and password.

With this plugin, you can log in using your social network accounts. We have provided easy steps for connecting the application to Media Center.


  • Open This Link “
  • Now you have to type in the email, username, and Password, then Confirm Password, and tick the “Mark” in “Terms and Conditions”
  • Then, click “Join Trakt”
  • Start Trakt from the “Media center” when you are logged in, there is “8 number code” will appear as in the image below.
  • If you are unable to locate the code, you must adhere to the steps below “Plugin Settings” > Search for the “Authentication Section” > Here are some “Instructions” along with the “8 Digit Code” will be displayed.
  • Again open the “Program” and enter “” (In telephone, tab, PC, or whatever another gadget which you are utilizing now.
  • Enter “8 Digits Code” and click on “Continue”
  • Then you will receive a “Allow the access of to the media center to make use of your Account” notification. Next, click “Yes”
  • Return to the “Media Center” and here you can see this: “ account is connected”

If you’d like to connect other devices to it, such as you can connect but make sure you read the following warning before connecting.


Trakt TV It’s a plug-in that allows you to scrobble and keep track of what that you’re viewing on Kodi, Plex, or other media players.

Through the plugin, you’ll be able to see the history of your watching not only for the particular device that you’re using but as well on other devices with a similar account. To use Trakt you need to empower it first.

The following steps help you through activating across an assortment of stages and focuses. Follow the instructions for your device to enable it and prevent situations in which activation fails.


Launch Kodi On the left-hand side you can select the search icon. Click Hunt Add-ons Sort through then press input or click OK.

Select Script Trakt after which Install on a different page that appears Watch for the Add-On permitted pop-up to show up. After you’ve introduced we should go into the actuation method.


  • Launch the app on your TV, A confirmation window with the 8-digit number will be displayed. If the code does not appear in the Configure menu, click What can I do to allow Open onto a program on your PC or cell phone browser.
  • A screen will pop up asking you to enter the code on your device. In case you’ve not enlisted for yet a record join structure will show up. Follow the join to make an account.
  • Enter the code exactly that is displayed on smart tv and then click on Continue.


If you’re running Exodus Redux or some other version you can follow these instructions to download

Launch Exodus Choose Tools > Settings Visit Trakt > Authorization. A pop-up with your PIN code will appear. How do I trigger for Plex as well as other centers for media?

Locate and install on the media center’s app store Trakt, launch Trakt open settings, then choose Authorization Visit on your computer or smartphone browser. Enter the code that is displayed in your media center. You’ll have to create an account on Trakt account in case you aren’t done up to now.

Click Continue to connect the account, and let your device connect to Go back to your media center to access Trakt to watch your movies and TV shows.Suggest read


This troubleshooting guide will assist if isn’t working or functioning:

Install the most recent version of the media player you’re using. Make certain to refresh Trakt with the most recent form that works with Kodi, Plex, or whatever another gadget that interfaces with the web.

Try not to revive Kodi or close the Authorization page because a new validation code could be created.

Take a look at your web association. A lethargic association could cause issues while interfacing.

On the off chance that any of these alternatives don’t work Try actuating it with another module.

If that works, you can get help from the creator of the plugin that failed to do the task. If none of the above works, you should get in touch with Trakt.

Now that you’ve got the Kodi Trakt add-on integrated with the Trakt account, you can begin watching your most loved TV and films.

Trakt runs in the background and will sync your actions in a quiet way. But, you can change the settings so you get notified each when there is any Trakt operation on Kodi.

Trakt will learn about your preferences for watching and recommend the best TV and movies for you. Visit and go through everything Trakt has logged for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Trakt to Netflix?

Trakt.TV integrates with a number of services; for example, if you join in with your Netflix account, Track may automatically mark episodes as viewed when you watch them on Netflix, eliminating the need to manually mark them. To get started, go to the top of the page and choose “Apps.”

Is free?

Features of Trakt.TV Trakt offers a number of features, with Standard features available for free and VIP features available for $2.50 per month. Automatic scrobbling or tracking of the material you watch is one of the standard functions.

How do you authenticate Trakt?

Go to Authorization in Trakt. A PIN code should display in a pop-up window. Enter the PIN at Exodus must authenticate first.

How do you activate on Firestick?

Go to Add-ons > My Add-ons from the Kodi home screen.
Then select ‘Program add-ons.’
Select ‘Trakt.’
At the bottom, click the ‘Configure’ button. The ‘Settings – Trakt’ window will appear.

Is Trakt any good?

Trakt is an excellent service, and I have long been a VIP member. This Alexa app is taking me in the direction of something I’ve been working on for a long time, combining many applications, including Trakt. I’d really want to see an episode list function that works within the Echo.

How do I get my Trakt API key?

Step 1: Sign up for You must first create an account with before registering with the Trakt API site.
Step 2: Making Use of the API Page Go to Trakt with your account information in hand.
Step 3: Save Your Information.

Does Trakt have an app?

Watcht is a movie and TV show information and tracking app.

How do you use Trakt TV?

Go to the Trakt website and click the Join Trakt For Free button to get started. Select your preferred genres and add a few movies and TV series you’ve seen once you’ve signed in. To complete the setting, click the Continue to Dashboard button. The dashboard provides an overview of your Trakt account.

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