How To Activate On All Devices?

Follow the steps below to activate On All Devices.

Hotstar streaming platform. Continue reading to learn how to log into a Hotstar account on smart television you can watch the following.

You can view the TV Show, News, Sports Show, and many other shows through this platform.

This platform is IPL’s partner. Live streaming is available to those who have a premium subscription. This account has the main advantage that it does not have ads. New users can get a 30-day free subscription to live streaming.


  1. Switch on your personal computer to create a Hotstar login account.
  2. Select the Disney+ Hotstar App on your smart TV and then open it.
  3. Once you have done that, go to your account and begin to play premium content.
  4. You will now see a code.
  5. Go to using your telephone and PC browser.
  6. Go to your Disney+ Hotstar account and log in.
  7. Then, at that point, using the code shown on TV, enter it.


  • Switch on your Smart TV.
  • Next; open the ‘Disney+ Hotstar’ application by selecting it from your smart TV.
  • Move to ‘My Account and you can play paid content.
  • You will receive a code.
  • Go to through your telephone and PC.
  • Now login to your Disney+ Hotstar’s account
  • Next; enter the code as shown on TV.


  1. Get the Disney+ Hotstar app on your Smart TV.
  2. Launch the Hotstar app.
  3. Go to or from any browser.
  4. Login with account details.
  5. Start watching Hotstar on your Smart TV.


  1. Visit the official website for Hotstar.
  2. Select the plan that interests you.
  3. Login/Sign up.
  4. Make the payment.
  5. Click the subscribe link.


  1. Turn on the TV to connect your Amazon Firestick.
  2. Connect your TV with a strong internet connection
  3. On the Home screen, click on the search bar and type in “Hotstar”.
  4. Select the Hotstar app from the search results and then open it.
  5. Next, click the “Download” button from the screen.
  6. The app will now start downloading. Wait for the downloading completion.
  7. Hotstar will be downloaded once you click the “Open” button.
  8. Hotstar will now be installed on your Firestick.


  • IPL live streaming
  • Indian show
  • Sport
  • American show
  • Hollywood movies
  • Indian movies.
  • For new users, one month of free

Hotstar, a platform, provides live streaming. Here’s how to activate it. Account for the Hotstar on your firestick and TV.

Hotstar Premium Account can be purchased after you have read this post. Please take time to read the post and leave a comment in the section below to let me know what you think I should change. We appreciate your understanding.

It was easy to activate Hotstar TV with Firestick TV. We made sure to keep the instructions simple and we have presented them in a clear format. This information can be shared with friends if it was helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter my Hotstar verification code?

Visit the website
In the top right hand corner, click ‘Login.’
Fill up your registered phone number.
Choose ‘Continue’.
A four-digit verification code will be sent to you through SMS.
On the application, enter the 4-digit code.
Choose ‘Continue’.
You have successfully logged in. Begin streaming!

Can I connect Hotstar to TV?

Method 1: Use an Amazon Firestick to run the Hotstar app straight on your TV. Way 2: Use an HDMI connection to connect your laptop to your TV and cast Hotstar from the laptop to the TV. Method 3: Cast/mirror Hotstar from your phone to your TV using the Google Chromecast device.

How do I activate Hotstar on my TV?

On your smart TV, launch the Disney+ Hotstar app.
Try to play any premium content or go to My Account.
A code will be displayed.
Using your phone or laptop, go to
Log in to your Disney+ account on Hotstar.
Enter the code that was shown on television.

How can I play Hotstar from my phone to my TV?

On your smartphone, select the screen mirroring option. Now you must open your computer browser and search for the Hotstar website using Google. To watch fullscreen on TV, rotate your phone screen. You may now watch your favourite shows, movies, and other media.

How do I connect my Hotstar to my LG TV?

To access your launcher, press the Home/Smart button on your remote.
Select More Apps from the drop-down menu.
Launch the LG Content Store application.
Select Premium.
Choose Install after finding your app in the LG Content Store.

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