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HD Webplayer for Joomla! has all the inevitable features that makes your Joomla! experience uncomplicated. Get the real picture by digging more into HD Webplayer. This web FLV player for Joomla gives great HD quality in terms to both sound clarity and sharp video clarity, and comes with attractive skin.


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Supported File Formats.

HD Webplayer can handle variety of Media formats that flash can handle such as flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, f4v, m4a, m4v, mov(h.264), sdp, vp6.


Joomla Compatibility.

HD Webplayer for Joomla package supports both 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions. No separate package needed for each versions.


IPhone / IPad / Android Support.

A rapidly growing number of handheld devices support either Flash or HTML5 for video playback. The HD Webplayer will auto-detect which playback mode is supported by a user’s device and select accordingly.


Upload Your Own Videos.

The Component allows to upload your own videos inside the component itself rather than using FTP Layer. No additional Plugin Needed.


Youtube Videos.

The Player includes native support for playing back Youtube videos. It can be done by just adding Youtube page URL to the component.


Dailymotion Videos.

The Player includes native support for playing back Dailymotion videos. It can be done by just adding Dailymotion page URL to the component.


RTMP & LIVE Streaming.

RTMP stands for “Real Time Messaging Protocol”. It is a proprietary protocol developed by Adobe Systems for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server. All the major RTMP servers such as Red5, Wowza and Adobe Flash Media Server are supported by HD Webplayer.


Pseudo Streaming.

Pseudo Streaming is a protocol that can be installed on regular HTTP servers such as Apache, Tomcat, IIS or lighthttpd. It uses a server-side script for Flash-to-Server communication that is supported by HD Webplayer.


Amazon CDN.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers several advantages over a plain webserver for streaming video. For example, a CDN will be able to speedily deliver your videos across the country and globe, it will be able to stream your videos instead of a download and it will be able to scale to large numbers of videos and viewers. The Amazon CloudFront CDN is particularly interesting, since everybody can instantly and easily sign up for it. On top of that, Amazon only charges for usage (in terms of GB of video stored and streamed), so there’s no fixed costs. HD Webplayer supports playback for the streams from Amazon Storage.


Bitgravity CDN.

Live HTTP DVR streaming & onDemand Video Streaming as offered by the Bitgravity CDN.


FFMPEG Upload.

You may have the video formats that are not supported by our Hd Webplayer Directly.
Example : wmv format videos.
Alternatively HD Webplayer has support for one of the best online video converter FFMPEG that is used to convert your videos to HD Webplayer compatible(.flv) format.


Category of Videos.

Using HD Webplayer component, you can create categories and add videos to them similar to Youtube.


Gallery Modules.

Webplayer Gallery Module allow you to build special blocks like Latest Videos, Popular Videos, Featured Videos and Category of Videos.


Google Adsense.

The Component helps you to earn More revenue by showing Google Adsense along with the player. Initially the component only supports 300 x 250 size ads.


Branding / Ownership.

If you are using a commercial version with the KEY provided by HD Webplayer Sales Team, you will have option to remove HD Webplayer FREE text and you will be having your own Domain Name in the Context Menu that comes from the Right Click on the Player.


Full Control on your Player.

With our HD Webplayer, you have freedom of enabling / disabling all the features that you can read in detail from our Documentation part.


Embed Options.

Using HD Webplayer you can embed your videos on other websites easily by using the code generated on clicking Share – Embed Button.


Social Media Sharing.

HD Webplayer has built-in option to share the video to the famous Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc…


Refer a Friend.

HD Webplayer allow you to share the video (that impressed you) to your friend by using the Email option inside the Player.


Tool Tip.

Button Tooltip is available for each button on the Player.


Front-End User Upload.

Module that allow your users to upload their videos to your site.


Webplayer Search.

A Simple Search Module to search your videos based on Video Title, Category Name and Keywords.