Installation - Joomla HD Webplayer

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Downloading & Installing HD Webplayer

1. Download the latest package from Here.

2. From the Joomla! Administration screen, select Extensions > Install/Uninstall.

3. Under Upload Package File, browse the ZIP file you downloaded. Then click Upload File & Install.

4. Congrats, You have successfully installed HD Webplayer Component, Modules and Plugin.

Contents of HD Webplayer

1. HD Webplayer Component

2. Webplayer Module

3.Webplayer Gallery Module [commercial only]

4. Webplayer Upload Module [commercial only]

5. Webplayer Search Module

6. Webplayer Plugin

Do not confuse where to get the Plugins, Modules and Components; it is all in the single package and everything is done with single installation.

You can check your installation by executing in your favorite browser.