Installation - WordPress HD Webplayer

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This guide is another in the Inside WordPress series and will show you how to install a WordPress plugin. While this is a relatively simple task it is one of fundamental importance to WordPress and is often overlooked.

Installing HD Webplayer plugin can be achieved in two easy methods:

1. Uploading Manually via WordPress Admin.

2. Uploading Manually via FTP.

Uploading Manually via WordPress Admin

1. Download the latest package from Here.

2. From the WordPress plugin menu click on Add New.

3. Under the Upload menu, Use the Browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, then click on Install Now. The plugin will be uploaded to your site and installed. It can then be activated.

Uploading Manually via FTP

1. Download the latest package from Here and unzip the plugin.

2. Now you will need to upload the plugin to your site’s wp-content/plugins/ directory using FTP.

3. Congrats! You have installed the Plugin. It can then be activated.

Upgrade Notice:

It is recommended that you back up your custom players if you are upgrading.
You can perform the automatic update, download the plugin and upload, or FTP the plugin to the plugin folder directly.